The Prolific Career of Samara Lipsky

September 15, 2017
Given the long course of her career, Samara Lipsky seems bound and determined to be a force for good in the psychological profession. She is a prolific writer, whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including prestigious professional journals in the field of psychology, as well as in the public health arena in general. Samara also has presented at many conferences and she has co-authored at least three book chapters.
Samara Lipsky
If that’s not enough to convince someone of her veracity, Samara Lipsky also co-founded a non-profit organization dedicated to helping raise funds and increase awareness for medically oriented organizations and she serves as a member of the Diversity Committee for Psychologists in Public Service. She plays a key role in that group, whose primary mission is to increase the level of diversity in psychology. Perhaps those stil doubtful would like to know that Samara Lipsky has accumulated many awards and accolades in her profession field over the years, with one of the most important being her induction into the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society at Yale University and she was once given a Meritorious Student Abstract Award at the Society of Behavioral Medicine’s Annual Conference.